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915mm x 457mm Louvre Panel Parts Bin Kit 25

915mm x 457mm Louvre Panel Parts Bin Kit 25
Our Price:  £54.00(Exc. 20% VAT)

Louvre Panel Size:  915mm x 457mm
Includes Bin05:  8
Includes Bin10:  8
Includes Bin20:  8
Includes Bin25:  6

Louvre Panel Kit supplied with Rhino Tuff Parts Bins shown above. Bin colour variations also available.

An empty wall space can quickly become a useful and versatile storage space with a louvre panel bin kit.

The steel louvre panel is galvanised to prevent rusting and produces a high quality, attractive finish. With pre-drilled fixing holes, a user can quickly and easily set up and configure these panels to their exact requirement. Coupled with the industry leading Rhino Tuff parts bins, this louvre panel kit is unbeatable for its durability and value.

Rhino Tuff bins are available in 10 different sizes and are all louvre panel compatible. These open-fronted bins can also be stacked and are the ideal solution in maximising your storage or work area.

There are 25 different ready to buy kits in the range each with different bin colour options.

This Kit contains:-

  • 1 x 915mm(w) x 457mm(h) Louvre panel (Landscape)
  • 8 x Bin05
  • 8 x Bin10
  • 8 x Bin20
  • 6 x Bin25


Other benefits of this leading range over competitor Bin Kits include:-

  • High quality galvanised steel louvre panel with reinforced bin hanging points
  • Pre-drilled fixing points for hassle free installation (fixings not included)
  • Reinforced bin side walls giving extra strength to stop distortion
  • Extra wide and reinforced stacking base (bins can be stacked on top of each other or hung on louvre panel)
  • Large label area for easier identification
  • Card labels are included
  • Full length rear lip for secure louvre panel hanging
  • Ready moulded divider slots on Bin30, 40, and 50. (Dividers are available separately)
  • Moulded finger grips for greater comfort when carrying bin 
  • Ready moulded “stops” to prevent the bin above slipping when bins are stacked
  • Manufactured from an impact resistant Polypropylene Copolymer for added strength and resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals 
Louvre Panel - 915mm(w) x 457mm(h)
External Bin Dimensions
Bin05 - 106mm(w) x 106mm(d) x 49mm(h)
Bin10 - 106mm(w) x 136mm(d) x 76mm(h)
Bin20 - 106mm(w) x 187mm(d) x 76mm(h)
Bin25 - 140mm(w) x 205mm(d) x 127mm(h)
Internal Bin Dimensions
Bin05 - 89mm(w) x 95mm(d) x 43mm(h)
Bin10 - 90mm(w) x 125mm(d) x 65mm(h)
Bin20 - 90mm(w) x 171mm(d) x 65mm(h)
Bin25 - 115mm(w) x 190mm(d) x 121mm(h)
Bin Louvre Panel Values
Panel - 13(w) x 9(h)
Bin05 - 1.5(w) x 2(h)
Bin10 - 1.5(w) x 2(h)
Bin20 - 1.5(w) x 2(h)
Bin25 - 2(w) x 3(h)
Panel - 8.9kg
Bin05 - 0.04kg
Bin10 - 0.06kg
Bin20 - 0.09kg
Bin25 - 0.21kg